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Becoming a Diamond

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2 min readJan 25, 2022


Alone, a diamond does not sparkle or glisten, for it has no light of its own. A diamond is cold and hard. A diamond is just a stone, a lump of carbon formed by heat and pressure.

Nevertheless, this gemstones are incredibly valuable to us, because, under the right conditions, they are beautiful, useful, and durable. They have become symbolic.

They can refract light in gorgeous patterns through their delicate facets, making light itself all the more beautiful. They can etch or carve the hardest materials, changing in useful ways what would otherwise be unchangeable and useless. They stand the test of time.

A person who does not understand a diamond’s worth, who fails to see its unique beauty, or who doesn’t know how to interact with it to create more beauty in the world will cast it aside, tossing it into the muck and mire of life, like garbage to be discarded.

Likewise, a person who understands that same diamond’s worth will recognize its beauty, use it to create a world of greater beauty, and treasure it as a prized possession.

You are becoming a diamond. Right now, you might be a lump of carbon. You may be rough around the edges. That’s okay.

If you’re feeling the heat and the pressure, recognize it for what it is: the process of becoming a beautiful diamond.

Let God cut and polish you. Allow yourself to refract and spread his light through each facet of your being. Allow Him to use you to create more beauty in the world. Don’t worry when you are cast aside by those who fail to recognize your value. God will pick you up, clean you off, and guide you to those who will treasure you as He does.

If you are in my life, I see you. I value you. So does God. Hang in there. You’re becoming a diamond.

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