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Meta-Conscious Expansion and Focus

Freeing Your Focus

Where is your focus? Are you drawn to the darker side of things or the lighter side?

For a long time, I have focused on perspectives I believed were true — “realistic” is the word I would use. People would tell me to look on the bright side. I would resist this, because I felt that was arbitrarily choosing to be “positive,“ rather than objective.

Trying to be completely objective is, at best, futile and, at worst, arrogant, because of the finite qualities of our minds, we have been given the gift of focus.

Focus can be dominated by overwhelming thoughts and emotions. If, however, we develop awareness and consciousness that expands our capacity to make better choices about our inner life, it can be directed according to our will.

Focus Foundations

Our cravings, instincts, loves, and fears direct our emotions. Our emotions influence or determine our thoughts. Our thoughts determine our words and actions. Our words and actions affect our circumstances.

All of these things are connected — inextricably intertwined. Are you cultivating meta-conscious awareness, a capacity to allow a thought to come to your mind without disturbing your emotions or dominating your focus? if not you may frequently feel completely overwhelmed by your cravings, instincts, fears, or loves.

Focus Forward

For most of my life, I have been overwhelmed by these things. Now, however, I feel my meta-consciousness expanding (little by little) as I continue to practice mindful meditation; pray and draw closer to God; and, in a conscientious way, treat others as I would like to be treated.

Now, I realize that what I considered being realistic was really just focusing on the “how,” the mechanics of choices and decisions. I was focused on the method, not the goal or object of my love. I had that focus, ironically, because I craved stability and safety, I feared loss, I lost the instinctive ability to separate ally from enemy and to deeply trust those who genuinely love me.

As my awareness expands, little by little, I am recovering a precious gift — the gift of focus. I am recovering the ability to see that positive and negative are equally real. When we do the internal work of personal growth, we gain (or can regain) the ability can choose where to place our focus.

Both perspectives reflect reality. I am coming to believe that we find more peace, attract healthier relationships, and have better opportunities, when we choose to focus on love, not fear; the objects of your deepest desires, not the methods for obtaining them; and simply trusting God to move in your life and bring you closer to Him, rather than trying to be or do what you (or others) think you should.

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