So Close, Yet So Far

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2 min readFeb 3, 2022

Sometimes, an inch apart from one we love or desire feels like all the space between the stars.

Emotional maturity is beneficial, despite its tendency to throw into stark relief our isolation from others, without doing much to draw us closer to them. Having the maturity to see how close you are to others, when they choose to be so far away from you, creates strange emotional juxtapositions.

Distinctive qualities, such as high intelligence, high empathy, or physical prowess (or lack of any or all of these) may separate one from others he might otherwise consider peers. Mutual compassion, trust, and charity can close such gaps, but rarely may one find that kind of understanding and love.

Emotional maturity gives one what he needs to see what is required to close the gap, gives him the desire to do so, and provides many of the tools necessary for him to do his part. Nevertheless, it cannot provide him with the essential element required to actually effect connection or reconciliation: reciprocity.

A priest once told me I can choose to be open to God’s grace, and God will always be there, giving infinite grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness; but if another is not open to God’s grace, nothing will happen [to close the gap between us].

Reciprocity, when it comes to connecting with others requires two individuals to freely choose to be open to connecting and to either choose each other or choose God’s will and His grace, in which case, if it is His will, God will bridge the gap.

If you’re struggling with the minute, yet seemingly infinite, distance between yourself and those with whom you desire to connect, open yourself to God’s abundant grace, be present, be compassionate, and trust God to bring into your life opportunities to connect with those He desires to use in your life for His glory.

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